Iván Cester

Binary options trading robot that works well

Quite a lot of software that promises enormous profits through binary options tends to cause losses, and that scares traders. But not every piece of a program that assists in trading is like that. Several successful programs exist, and Orion Code is one of them.

It was first launched back in 2006, and it received a lot of praise since then. Regular updates made it compatible with the latest additions to binary options trading which is why this software is still one of best on the market.

Why is this software so good?

This software stands above others due to its processing speed. It can complete complex calculations several times faster than other similar programs. It works in two ways, and you can choose the one that suits you.

You can automate it and allow the software to find trades and invest your money in that. You can limit the investment amount as well as turn on the option to shut down the software after it fails to generate any profit in a certain number of trades.

The other choice is to let this software find deals and notify you about them. You can accept those trades with one click or refuse investment in them if you decide that they carry risk you aren’t willing to take.

Born in Zaragoza in 1975, Iván has been combining his musical activity with science for several years. While studying physics he created two jazz bands for which he composed, arranged and played guitar. Most of his musical training to date is autodidactic, with which he combined three years of classical guitar study before turning to contemporary music, studying contemporary guitar and music theory with guitarist Jose Antonio Garcia for six years and completing his education with several courses of music production and sound engineering.
After his studies in physics, he worked as a guitarist, bassist and singer for two years with Espectaculos La Clave S.L., performing more than 100 concerts. He moved
to Barcelona in 2004 where he worked as music composer for nofunciona multimedia
and music editor for Leo Caballo (SONY Digital Division). He also played Brazilian guitar
with Nue Bossa and Porta 16.

In 2007, he began work in Applied Neuroscience at Stalab Barcelona, S.L. From the
symbiotic combination of both fields, he undertook several projects concerning the
sonification of cerebral electrical activity and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) applied to
music creation; some of this work has been exhibited in international Neuroscience and
BCI conferences, FADE festival 2009, Dorkbot Barcelona and SONAR 2013.

Currently he is the musical assistant of composer and arranger Javier Gimeno for
advertising and film scoring.