Guide to Invest in the Coinbase Stock

Coinbase is named as the “bitcoin unicorn” and it is valued by the private company about $1.6 billion earlier this year. Coinbase is a well-established bitcoin exchange. Investment in the coinbase has increased the market position in the sector of the cryptocurrency. Read the full Crypto Soft Review whether it is safe to invest in the coinbase stock.

Introduction to the coinbase

The coinbase has been launched in the year 2012 in the San Francisco. The investors of the cryptocurrency have been provided the opportunity by the coinbase in purchasing and selling of the bitcoin and also the other digital assets.  The growth of the users has increased by the company to 13 million around the world. It is the most downloaded app in the apple stores of the year 2017. From the starting of the coinbase, there are several strategies made and the expansion of the business into the diversification of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology with the aim of forming an open system of the finance in the world.

Investment in the coinbase

As the coinbase is a private company, the shares of the coinbase are not traded publicly in the stock exchange. Therefore one can purchase the shares by means of the private transactions through the investors in the company. To buy shares in the U.S private company you should be an accredited investor. The existing investors in the company who is willing to sell part of the shares in the company should be given the source.

In order to be an accredited investor in the company, you have to give the proof showing the total amount of $1million.In this value, you should not include the worth of the house. Otherwise, the annual income of the person should be $200,000.Most rich persons only can have this benefit.

An accredited investor should able to find the investor of coinbase who has the willingness to sell the stock of the coinbase to you at a considerable price. Moreover, it is found to be the difficult one.

Purchase of cryptocurrency as a proxy for the coinbase stock

It is found to difficult to purchase the coinbase from the existing investors from the private company. There is another way to have exposure to the coinbase by means of investment in the digital assets. Concentrating on the exchange, which supports the coinbase and the blockchain industry.

The reason behind this approach is when the growth of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry increases there will be the increase in the digital asset values and results in the extension of the coinbase successfully.