El Pricto

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1977, mostly a self-taught musician (composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist).  His major formal musical education comes from three years of private lessons and friendship with Catalan composer Joan Carles Sender.  As a composer/arranger, his first experience came from working as a musical producer for TV and short films starting in 1998, immediately after completing a degree in sound engineering. In October 2001, he moved to Barcelona, where he currently lives. Since then he has developed his own compositional style, influenced by rock, jazz, avant-garde, serialism, post-minimalism, noise, hardcore and other genres.

In 2008 together with Arco y Flecha Productions he co-created The Filthy Habits Ensemble, an eight-piece band that intertwines instrumental music by Frank Zappa with free improvisation. Since its conception, the ensemble has performed in various jazz festivals in Spain (Terrassa, Pamplona, Sigüenza, Vic, Tárrega, Cantabria, etc.) and in major European Zappa festivals like the Zappanale (Germany) and Zappamundo Festivals (Portugal). They were special guests for the Spanish Night in 2012 at Jazzahead! festival in Bremen. Their repertoire has been expanded to play music by other authors, including Igor Stravinski, Les Baxter, Edgar Varèse, Bernard Herrmann, György Ligeti and himself. He usually performs on the clarinet, alto saxophone and conducts improvisations as well as arranging and selecting the music, and creating the shows they perform in each concert. They have a residency at the Jamboree Jazz club in Barcelona to play each month starting in October, 2013.

In April 2011, he created Discordian Records, a netlabel for independent music that has its own recording facilities in Barcelona, Spain. Originally conceived as a platform for exchange between musicians dedicated to improvised music, within less than two years, it has become a cornerstone of Barcelona’s underground avant-music scene. He records, produces and promotes projects for musicians mostly from the improvising musical scene in Barcelona, as well as his own projects. Through this kind of meta-project he has developed compositional techniques for creating music that does not need to be rehearsed (too much), a kind of non-rehearsal dogma inspired and generated by the current musical situation in Barcelona. At the moment he continues to develop this method of proceeding with other composers from the city adhering to what might be called “The Discordian Community”.

He is also active organizing concerts in Barcelona, along with Arco y Flecha Productions he organized a festival in December 2012 called Discordian Community Riot!!!, where many musicians of the avant-garde scene performed together in different line-ups in a four-hour concert marathon. He also organizes concerts of avant-garde jazz and improvised music along with composer Owen Killfeather in different clubs in Barcelona.

In 2012 El Pricto was commissioned to compose a piece celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Europe Jazz Network, performed by The Italian Instabile Orchestra in Bari, Italy at Teatro Petruzzelli.

He is currently working on the music for a 50-minute concert/show for bass singer Iván García to be performed by the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra at The Latin American Contemporary Music Festival in Caracas, Venezuela in 2014.

“A discordian is anyone willing to look at windmills and concede that they might be giants”

Official webpage: http://elpricto.com/