Discordian Community Ensemble

Don’t waste your life on a nine-to-five work

A nine-to-five life is waiting for all of you. It is inevitable that many of you will end up working a job you hate and receive mediocre pay for it. You will hate the job, but you will still do it because it will be the only way to earn enough money to survive in this harsh and ruthless world.

We have an alternative to a dull and depressing way of life that many live out. Our solution lies in the binary options trading market. Or to be more accurate, our answer lies in the software that makes trading on that market simple and easy.

What you need to know about binary options

Even though Millionaire Blueprint (software in question) doesn’t rely on your knowledge about binary options, it is still smart to have some basic knowledge about them.

Binary options market works on the “true or false” basis. This means that you have two choices in every trade and it’s up to you to decide which one will turn up to be true. The price of an underlying asset may move up or down, and you will generate profit if you guess correctly.

But if trading was as simple as this then anyone could become rich. The broker will give you two additional prices of the asset along with its real price. Those two prices are goals which price has to go over/under to generate profit for those that chose correctly. Leverage also adds another layer of complexity to binary options but it is optional, and it should be avoided.

How will Millionaire Blueprint help you?

This software is fully automated which means that it will do everything except actually investing your money (you can turn that on as well). The crucial part of the whole trading process is setting up the software to locate good trades. You can adjust the risk ratio (entering only 90% win probability trades is the safest option) and limit the number of high-risk deals. You can also restrict the number of trades that the software will find.

An excellent thing about this trading robot is that it will work in the background and it will only bother you when it finds good trades. Your job at that point is just to confirm the deal and wait for the profit. You can also automate investments so you can just follow the software and watch as your account balance increases.

The Discordian Community Ensemble is a collective of musicians, technicians and organizers that is able and available for the creation/production of original music for films, theater, dance and anything else that can be musicalized…

Self created by the best avant garde and improvising musicians in Barcelona, it has recoded albums through Discordian Records and given several concerts in town. This partly because its is a mutable ensemble, based on a cooperative model in which musicians from different musical scenes in town get together in variable formations depending on the works to be played.

At the moment they are recording each month, mostly works by some of the composers in the present avant musical scene in Barcelona and also conducted or free improvisations.